Emily Dickinson Daguerreotype Lateral Image
Laterally Inverted



Kaplan Collection Known Image
Complements of Amherst College Archives & Special Collections




“One picture is worth ten thousand words.”

Chinese Proverb



Post-Script Thoughts–October 28, 2017


Emily Dickinson

It is mystifying if not miraculous that my sister, Bertha, told me, on the telephone, (she in Arizona, I in Nevada), that she saw something or read something about Emily Dickinson, and she suggested that perhaps I would be able to find a daguerreotype of this lady! After speaking with Bertha I probably went to Google and typed in “Emily Dickinson” of whom I knew practically nothing. Was it that very day that I acquired the daguerreotype of Emily Dickinson? I do not remember. Maybe the next day? Maybe three days later? I do not have a clue. I am reminded of what I have said on several occasions, that I had nothing to do with acquiring the Lincoln daguerreotype, that G-d placed it in my hand. So I say here, that I had nothing to do with the daguerreotype of Emily. My dear sister, Bertha, deserves all the credit.

It seemed to me then, as now, to be miraculous.

In this image we see an older Emily. Hand surgeons who have see the daguerreotype confirm that she suffered from a severe case of rheumatoid arthritis, a worsening condition. At a certain point, she was probably unable to walk.