Laterally Inverted

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This is a very poor reproduction of the plate. In 2021, George Eastman House technicians will almost certainly be able to create a higher quality image.


Life Image


Please note Clara’s right hand which seems to be grasping something. Perhaps she was holding a ball-clock. They can be found at rural auctions in England.

Kaplan Collection

Known Images

[Clara Ford’s Hair, Wedding Band, Slim Waist & Bowtie]


From the collections of The Henry Ford

Note the loose wedding band which suggests that she might be wearing it for the first time.

From the collections of The Henry Ford

From the collections of The Henry Ford

Henry Ford’s Hair

Please compare the eyebrows.

Henry Ford’s Hands

Please note the little finger of Henry’s right hand. Is it harmonious with his other fingers?

From the collections of The Henry Ford

It appears that the rim of the hat seems to be up against a book, holding it in place. If so, the book is likely a Bible, underscoring the likelihood that this tintype was made on their wedding day.

In the above known photographic image of Henry Ford, he is holding a straw hat by the rim. In the tintype, the young man is also holding a hat by its rim, the same round shape as the straw hat of the known image.

Note the shirt collar which seems to be identical to the shirt collar in the tintype.

Henry Ford, born in 1863, and Clara Jane Bryant, born in 1866, were married on Wednesday, April 11, 1888, Clara’s birthday. I am confident that this tintype was made on that very day. Henry was 24, Clara 22.

“I don’t like to read books. They muss up my mind.”

– Henry Ford

October 28, 2017


Henry and Clara resided in 11 (I think exactly that number) rented houses before settling in their own home. Maybe this tintype – literally – fell through the cracks in one of these frequent moves.­